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My lab (I say "my" as if I run it) will be traveling to Portland, Oregon this week to attend the annual conference of the Western Psychological Association. It's a conference that isn't exactly cognition-heavy, but three of us will be presenting our research in a session on information processing (see page 62 of the program here). If I attend any interesting talks or see any interesting posters, I'll either blog about them here or tweet about them here.

I'm speaking on motor activity in the hand during lexical access. Sure...it's an obscure topic. The talk might be lame, but I'm certainly proud of my PowerPoint slides. Here's a flavor of what you'll be missing.


If you're really interested in motor activity during reading, you can read a little about my research on my website, here. Any suggestions on what we should do while in Portland? We're definitely going on a Portland Underground Tour.

Update: I've posted video of my presentation on my academic webpage here: http://www.public.asu.edu/~abarnhar/Handwriting.html


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