Penn Says: A Fatal Bullet Catch

In this recent installment of the "Penn Says" vlog, Penn shares an interesting story told to him by a spectator at his Las Vegas show about the famed victim of the bullet catch, Chung Ling Soo.

From Crackle: A Fatal Bullet Catch

For more information on the history of the bullet catch, I encourage you to read Jim Steinmeyer's treatise on Chung Ling Soo, The Glorious Deception.


Jim Lippard said...
3:05 PM

I second the recommendation of _The Glorious Deception_, a wonderful book. Steinmeyer's _Vanishing the Elephant_ is also wonderful. His biography of _Charles Fort_ is also good, but of more limited appeal--probably not of general interest unless you're familiar with Charles Fort and his work. _Art and Artifice_ is a nice collection of shorter pieces by Steinmeyer, some quite fascinating, but has some duplication with _Vanishing the Elephant_.

Magic Tony said...
3:09 PM
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Magic Tony said...
3:31 PM

Hi Jim. Who knew you were such a connoisseur of magic history literature?! Thanks for the comment! Since it looks like you're interested in that genre of books, you should check out "The War Magician" by David Fisher. It's a really entertaining novel about how Jasper Maskelyne was recruited by the British Army during WWII to apply his knowledge of magic to war tactics.

Jim Lippard said...
12:03 PM

I will add that to my list, sounds fascinating.

I wouldn't say I'm a connoisseur of magic history literature--I haven't read much magic history outside of just about everything I've been able to get my hands on by Steinmeyer and Ricky Jay. I've also got a magic section of my library that includes books by Hugard and Braue, Annemann, Banachek, Ian Rowland, Karl Fulves, etc. I imagine the psychology and magic sections of our respective libraries have a bit of overlap.

Magic Tony said...
6:50 PM

Sounds like you're pretty well-read on the topic to me! I haven't read a lot of Ricky Jay's work, although I know that I would like it if I did. Annemann is great, as is Banachek. Banachek is my go-to guy if I'm interested in some killer mind magic. Hopefully we can chat about this stuff at a Skeptics in the Pub event some time soon! Good luck with your presentation at the AHA conference.

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