Stay-At-Home FISM 2009: Han Seol-Hui

I've tried to delay gratification on this find for a while, now. I can't wait any longer...I must share this act with you. Han Seol-Hui is representing Korea in the "Manipulation" category (stage sleight of hand). I think he's a real contender for the top prize. I've seen CD manipulators before, but he is head and shoulders above the rest. If anything, he's a little too fast. You miss a lot of what he's doing. Still, an impressive demonstration. I hope you enjoy Han Seol-Hui.


Mike Hout said...
9:18 AM

Even after watching this for the first time, and deliberatly looking at the hand not performing the trick, it's still quite difficult to see his pulls. He's so fast and must have so many places to stash things. What a great act.

Magic Tony said...
12:30 PM

It sounds like he earned a standing ovation at FISM. That bodes well for him. He's definitely very slick.

Ken Nebel said...
3:23 PM

He's the most impressive stage act I've seen. There's a documentary about him on You Tube that really explains how much hard work Han has put into his act. I hope he come to the U.S. sometime.


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