Mac King's Wildest Dreams...

Mac King in his cloak of invisibility

One of the highlights of Mac King's act is his "method" for making cards disappear from the hands of a spectator on one side of the stage, reappearing in the hands of someone on the other side of the stage. He simply uses his relatively ineffective "cloak of invisibility," of course! Well, Mac's wildest dreams may be coming true sooner than anticipated. This month, the highly respected journal Nature reported on the work of a group of scientists at the
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology who have described a theoretical method for creating a cloak of invisibility. I'm not well-versed in physics, so I can't make much sense of the paper (found here), but the implications of such a tool for magicians are incredible!

Here's a CNN report about the technology:

Update: Come to think of it, magicians have been employing a similar technology for hundreds of years, now. Here's Omar Pasha:


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