Friday Magic Showcase: Juan Mayoral

Among stage magicians, none has been more influential on my stage magic philosophy than Juan Mayoral. Mayoral was a performer at my very first magic convention, and his act was far different from the other acts I saw. He employed technology in a way that others were not. His magic could be described as "artful," a term rarely used to describe magic. He was theatrical and moving. I was immediately infatuated with his style. Years later, Juan continues to create new and amazing magical effects using the latest technologies. I hope you enjoy Juan Mayoral.


Jim Lippard said...
4:06 PM

That was wonderful.

Magic Tony said...
9:36 PM

I wish video was available of the act he competed with at FISM. It's a beautiful love story. At the end of the act, a pair of high-heeled shoes walk across the stage behind him. Great stuff.

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