Friday Magic Showcase: Rudy Coby

If you live near Minneapolis, MN, you should head on over to the Galaxy Theater at Valleyfair and check out their newest attraction: Rudy Coby. Known for his character, Labman, Coby has a style that's hard to describe. He's part cartoon character, part mad scientist. His show is original in every way. Coby had two well-received television specials in the mid-90's. For the past six year, he's been working with Marilyn Manson, designing illusions for Manson's touring show. Here's some classic Rudy Coby:


Mike Hout said...
10:07 PM

That was really cool... a little bizarre, but I'm sure that's part of his character. I liked the extending legs at the end.

Magic Tony said...
3:49 PM

Well, of course he's bizarre...he's been hanging around with Marilyn Manson!!

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